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Benefits of Membership Title
So you’ve heard of the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce, but do you know the benefits of being a member? The Chamber is a resource to the community and continually works to promote Jasper County businesses and organizations. Because the role of the Chamber can be mostly seen as an organizer of special events, it’s important to also remember the tangible and intangible services provided by the Chamber.

Because the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce brings businesses together with a common bond, there is huge potential to network with different business people in a variety of different industries.
Annual Banquet:
The Annual Banquet provides a unique chance for business people and county residents to come together for an evening of food, entertainment and discussion on the work of the Chamber.

Business Expo:
The Expo showcases Jasper County’s hidden treasures — businesses that run out of the owner’s home, are new to Jasper County or have a small storefront. The expo is the perfect mix of established businesses the community is familiar with and smaller businesses that have not yet been introduced to the public.

Membership Referral
The Chamber receives calls daily from people asking for information. When these calls come in, our members receive first mention.

New Comers Club
Chamber members have the opportunity to provide something in a basket of goodies that is given to new people in Jasper County. A list of recipients will be listed in the Monthly Newsletter.

Advertising & Promotion
Business Card Display:
The office is home to a display case that holds our members’ business cards. Visitors to the office are greeted with this case, giving them an immediate look at the members and the services they offer.

Business Cards Online:
For an additional fee, members may include their business cards on our Web site. Members with their own Web sites may have that site linked to the Chamber site, bringing your business to thousands of people with the click of a button.

The City of Newton has graciously offered a space on the south-east corner of the square for a Chamber of Commerce marquee. We use the marquee to advertise upcoming events in Jasper County, giving special attention to our members.

Additional Perks
Reduced Prices:
Chamber members enjoy reduced fees for selected Chamber sponsored events, such as the Business Expo.

Gift Certificate Program:
The Chamber offers Chamber Bucks, a gift certificate program highlighting Chamber members. Chamber Bucks work the same as other gift certificates, only they come in a check form. Each Chamber Buck that goes out is accompanied by a list of Chamber members that have elected to be included in the program, another way to get your name out to the public for local shopping.

Bulk Mail:
The Chamber can now offer members a savings on postage. With a minimum 200 piece mailing postage could be as low as $.21 per piece. Contact the Chamber office for more information on this program.

Information Resources:
The Chamber offers information on countless area and nearby activities. The office is home to brochures, business cards, small booklets and other information for recreation, community services and businesses and organizations. The Chamber is also a good place to find phone books, maps and Newton Fact Books.

The Jasper County Chamber of Commerce is the “go to” for questions about Jasper County. It may be a family or business moving in, maybe someone needing a referral or asking what we have to offer, but the calls usually come to the Chamber.

That being said, what’s to keep your information from getting into someone’s hands without your permission? We make the determination as to who receives membership lists and contact information. Although our lists are updated regularly, we use discretion in giving our members’ names to others, as your privacy is important to us as well.

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