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On behalf of the Chamber Board, all our members and Jasper County, I would like to welcome you to the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce. We would also like to take this opportunity to explain the Chamber’s role in our community and how you play a part in that role.

In 1988 a group of local business professionals formed an improvement organization. In 1991 the organization was chartered as not-for-profit. It obtained its status as a Chamber in 1993 when it became the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce.

The Jasper County Chamber of Commerce, simply put, serves the community by allowing local business to better serve the area. The Chamber is a spokesperson for business, promoting Jasper County by promoting the businesses and groups that make their homes here. The Chamber also promotes the county to visitors and prospective new residents with welcome packets containing information provided to the Chamber by our membership.

Businesses involved with the Chamber share a common goal of improving the local business climate. Some ways that goal is achieved are through business and community promotion, business assistance and business advocacy.

The Chamber also sponsors and hosts a number of events that encourage community involvement. In order to thrive, a community must take pride in itself. Chamber events, such as Strawberryfest and Holly Jolly Jasper County Christmas, are a means of encouraging community involvement and instilling community pride.

Lastly, the Chamber is a vehicle for you. Publicity, networking and sponsorship opportunities not only increase the visibility of your business or organization, but also encourage positive relationships within the county.

Although the Chamber is a place to find local, state and tourism information, its primary function is to serve the communities, businesses and organizations that make up the Chamber of Commerce. Once again, thank you for your interest in the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce and for contributing to the improvement of Jasper County by becoming a member.

Brandon Siegert,
Board of Directors

The primary role of the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce is to promote the livelihood of existing businesses and organizations, and welcome new businesses and organizations throughout Jasper County. The Chamber strives to create a better quality of life in the county through sponsorship or support of festivals and events in our communities. The Chamber provides supplemental information and assistance to the City of Newton, County of Jasper, Economic Development, Jasper Jobs, Inc. and any other group working toward recruiting new and/or retaining existing business and industry.


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